Older Stuff

menu image Us versus Them

An installation at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, May through October of 2011.

menu image Vintage Mouse Porn

Pre-1960 pornography, collected from the web and converted to cartoon mice. NSFW. Adult Intellectuals Only. Seriously.

menu image Mark Newport - Call Him Destiny! --

A four page comic for Mark Newport's 2009 show at the Cranbrook Art Museum.

menu image Andrew Meyer (Don't Tase Me Bro') --

A hand cranked automata.

menu image Insect Apprehension --

A little comic about Rory Hayes and suburbia.

menu image The Doctor's Dilemma --

A hand cranked automata.

menu image Embedded --

Resin Figures based on the Cartoon Violence Series.

menu image Cartoon Violence --

Traumatic events retold in a style reminiscent of early 1930's animated cartoons.

menu image 98-107 --

98 paper mache sculptures, depicting the 107th congress voting for the USA Patriot Act.

menu image My Life in Comics --

Using comic book imagery (mostly silver-age) to illustrate the stories I tell.

menu image Lease --

Big Daily Drawings - a collaboration with Sloane McFarland.

menu image RGB Grid --

Images made up of the numeric values that represent the levels of red, green and blue in each pixel of a source image.

menu image Neri, Dressed as a Policeman, Shoots Barzini --

Resin figures depicting a scene from the Godfather.

menu image Composite Photos --

Close-up photos of a mostly flat surfaces, collaged together.

menu image 288 Pictures of Anna Amore, v.1 and v.2 --

Photos of porn star Anna Amore, cropped so that only her eyes are visible.

menu image Isometric Screenshots --

A series of drawings from an isometric perspective, in the style of a computer game.

menu image ISPs (Internet Sex Photos) --

Pr0nography, digitally edited to remove the figures.

menu image Resin99 --

Traumatic events, rendered as toys and models.