My Life in Comics

These are stories I've told about myself and other people, illustrated with comic book imagery. They are acrylic on board, each one is 40x30 cm.

flame headed guy, dressed like the question, writing something in fire

Jon Writes His Name With Fire.

Woman in purple tights about to hit a cat with a water meter cover

Clea Puts a Dying Cat Out of its Misery.

guy trying to save another guy from hanging, about to get stabbed

The Red Skull Tries to Stop a Suicide.

two people in costume posing

Anniversary Portrait.

villan flunky finds himself in crit with superheros

Graduate School.

don't want to talk about it.


throwing up at tower records


The United States  Negotiates with Salvador Allende


Rockets and buildings


Edmond Dantes

Villains look on as Edmund Dantes is imprisoned in the Chateau d'If.

last ride

last ride.




The End of Reason.