Us Versus Them

A 7 Piece Installation at the Scottsdale Museum of Contempory Art,
May through October, 2011.

Entry and Madeleines

Madeleines - (2011), wood, plexiglass, old comic books (pictured is Jeff Bonivert's My Fears from Star*Reach #7).


Toolbelt for Thought, Toolbelt for Action, (2011), leather, books, found objects.

Workroom and Study

Workroom and Study (2011), Two Large Scale Dioramas, materials include: a bear suit, found and constructed furniture, scrims, timed lighting. Study includes selections from My Life in Comics.


Sigils (2011), Acrylic on masonite. Five paintings based on the work of Phil Hine. These have become invisible to me, but you still may be able to see them.


Weaponwall (2011), paper mache, casein.


The legionnaires are: William Rothstein, H. P.Lovecraft, Kenneth Anger, Octavia Butler, King Mob, Philip K. Dick, Alan Moore and Larry Philips.

Legion (2011), paper mache, shellac, casein.


Serial (2011), Digital video loop, clip length: 4:45 min.