A collection of resin figures depicting traumatic events in a style reminiscent of early 1930's animated cartoons. These were shown, along with the Cartoon Violence prints, at Cherrydelosreyes, Los Angeles (May 2004).

There are also some production photos.

Last Ride

2006 Epoxy, Acrylic - 40x64x80 cm. Final piece in the series.


2004 Polymer Clay, Acrylic - 30x25x12 cm

Domestic Terrorist (Bobby Hutton)

2004 Urethane, Acrylic - 25x20x12 cm


2004 Urethane, Acrylic - 4x12x28 cm


2004 Urethane, Acrylic - 4x5x7 cm

R. Polanski and Unidentified Model - Installation view

2004 Urethane, Acrylic - two figures, both approximately 25 cm tall.

Gunshot, Shrapnel and Compression Wounds, Transposed onto the Heads of Cartoon Mice

2004 Polymer Clay, Acrylic - each piece approximately 12x15x12 cm


2004 Urethane, Enamel - 22x22x20 cm

Installation at cherrydelosreyes